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I think one of the best definitions I've seen for bisexuality is attraction to your own and different genders. Or two or more genders. I tend to use bi and pan attached/interchangeably because they are so similar.



Only they’re not. I am not bisexual and I do not accept when others call me bisexual. My bisexual friends do not accept being called pansexual, either. They are different identities for a reason and that reason matters.

then what about my queer friends who don’t identify on a binary and aren’t attracted to only two genders, yet call themselves bisexual? are their identities invalid?

TBH it really depends on the person and how they chose to identify. the term that feels comfiest to them.

Person A could call themselves bisexual, Person B could call themselves pansexual, and they could be using that to mean the same thing.

don’t shame others for how they identify.